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It is a Kalaiya Sub Metropolitan City where the district headquarters of Bara district established in B.S. 2039 and is located in the distance of 306 KM from Kathmandu and 12 KM east of Birgunj . At the time of establishment, Sub Metropolitan Immediately Kalaiya, Bhaura, Bhavanipur, Barewa, Baghavan and Rampur VDC were included. This is divided into Vada. Ma. Np In the year 2047, the area was expanded to 14 wada by adding Bhatauda, Brahampuri, Visrampur VDCs. Due to the closure of Gadhimai Temple, which climbed Asia's great fortune. It is also being developed as a tourist area.                 

Kalaiya is a Sub Metropolitan City of Bara district, a rich municipality of cultural diversity. According to the National Census 2068, according to the latest statistics from the total population of 6,87,708 in the district, total 13,205 households have 86,318 population, which is 12.56 percent of the total population of the district.

Vi The constituency No. 3 of the 4 constituencies of bara district . According to the decision of Nepal government in divisional of the division, 13 VDCs were constructed in Dharmnagar, Balirampur, Baghavan, Dohori, Uttarjhitkaiya, Bhatauda, Motisar and Sisahaniya.

There are 9 urban vessels and 18 rural vats. Ma. Np According to the data in the past, the road has expanded even with 12 kilograms of land, 3 km slope and 34 kms of gravel and remaining roads have been expanded with 77 kilometer roads. From this, the city seems to have to pay attention to physical development and physical development. Bara district and Kalaiya U. Me Human development has shown that NP's lack of human and social development should be given priority.